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COVER’s Mission
Our mission is to build community and foster hope through cooperation and fellowship among all home repair and reuse participants.
News Bulletin
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Weatherization is starting soon! 

Calling all volunteers!

If you would like to help us weatherize homes this winter, we would love to hear from you.

Most homes take 3-4 hours to weatherize, and Volunteers have the option of volunteering to weatherize 1-2 homes per workday or work half a day to weatherize one home.

E-mail if you would like to help.


“I really enjoyed the day.  Hugh and Finn did a great job instructing us and teaching us the finer points of the work.  It was more difficult than I imagined it was going to be, but not too much for our group.   I think the best part for me was lunch, but not because we got to sit down and eat!  I really enjoyed getting to talk with [the homeowners].  I had a really good feeling when I left there at the end of the day.”
–COVER Home Repair Volunteer

“I had a wonderful time Saturday…it was so great to be doing something physical. Hugh and Finn were amazing to work with. Hugh’s patience was limitless and his teaching ability was exceptional. It was really special to get to meet the family we were helping. Overall it was a tremendously positive experience!”
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

“I am very impressed with COVER’s objectives and mentality, the mutual aspect of COVER’s relationship between volunteers and homeowners is what makes it work so well.”
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

“When COVER shows up with tools, material and a bunch of volunteers, some good things happen quickly. The wheel chair ramp that extends from front door to driveway?  Done! The hazardous, drafty front door?  Weather proofed and fixed!”  
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

“…So many people working so well together on such a hot day.  And a job well done!” 
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

“It was such a fun day.  I thought the whole thing was super well organized and there was tons of work so I always felt like my time was well utilized.” 
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

” This work pays such a positive dividend day after day for the homeowner.”   
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer 

 The fact that volunteers can learn and apply these lessons to their own homes is pretty cool too.”
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

 “Every time I volunteer on a COVER project I meet interesting people, learn something new about construction, get to help the homeowner and get some much-needed exercise.  It’s a win for everyone involved.”
– COVER Home Repair Volunteer

 “Beautiful floor, even if I do say so myself! This was hard work with a great bunch of people; and it turned out so nice.”  
COVER Home Repair Volunteer