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COVER's Mission: Our mission is to build community and foster hope through cooperation and fellowship among all home repair and reuse participants.


COVER’s mission is to foster hope and build community in the Upper Valley by bringing together homeowners and volunteers to complete urgently needed home repairs for low-income homeowners, many of whom are elderly and/or disabled.
Our programs include: Home Repair, Weatherization, and the ReCover Store.
Our projects include roof repair and construction, accessibility remodeling (wheelchair ramps, widening doorways, new stairs, and railings), weatherization and energy efficiency measures, and floor repair. Qualifying home repair and weatherization projects must meet the following criteria: The repair must be urgently needed; The home must be within 45 minutes of our facility in White River Junction; The repair must be suitable for volunteers; The homeowner must be able and willing to participate in the day; 85% of COVER homeowners make less than the Federal Poverty Guideline.
We further support the mission with the effective reuse of household goods and building materials. The ReCover Store sells $150,000 worth of donated building materials, household goods, major appliances and used furniture annually at low cost. Our Store Assistance Program makes goods ($8000 annually) available to customers at no cost if they are referred by another agency.
Volunteers are essential to COVER’s work.  While staff select homeowners, design projects, prepare for the work days and supervise the work, volunteers are literally the driving force of our effort.  Often the homeowners and their family are engaged in the work also.
Our overreaching goal is to build community and improve the lives of our constituents, including homeowners and volunteers. COVER values and respects the services, gifts and contributions of both low-income homeowners and volunteers.
How much did we do?
  • COVER completed 65 home repair projects, including 12 Accessibility Ramps, 11 Roof replacements and 5 major floor repairs.
  • COVER completed 67 new weatherization projects, and 19 return visits. These efforts saved homeowners an average of 123 gallons of fuel this winter.
  • COVER’s 67 new weatherization projects will collectively save over $60,000 in fuel costs over the 3-year life of the renovation.
How well did we do?
  • We have a return rate of over 90% for Homeowner Surveys
  • All Homeowners report very high satisfaction with the quality of home repairs and the quality of interaction with volunteers and staff.
  • We do not collect formal surveys from volunteers, but feedback suggests high satisfaction and return rates are high.
  • Making a difference in the community:
  • 65 homeowners able to stay in their homes this year. Over 400 homes repaired over the past 10 years.
  • This year’s weatherization clients will save over $60,000 because of COVER volunteers.
  • Over 300 volunteers worked with homeowners to complete these projects, making new friends and learning construction skills.
  • 19 Businesses and School groups volunteer with COVER.