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Apply for home repair service

Do you or someone you know need help?
There are 3 ways you can apply:

1. At this link: APPLY

2. Download the COVER Application, complete and mail to the COVER Program Coordinator.

COVER Home Repair
Attn. Home Repair Application
158 South Main Street
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3. Call or email us and we will be happy to send you an application in the mail.

If you have questions or need help filling out the application, please contact the Program Coordinator by phone (802)296-7241, Ext. 4,  or email:,


Home Repair Project Criteria

1. Eligible projects  must address urgently needed repairs to a residence. Urgently needed projects are those that will  restore the basic function of the home so that the occupant can carry  on their regular routines or prevent further damage to the home.

2. The project is within 45-minutes of White River Junction, Vermont. This calculation can vary so when in doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. The project must be appropriate for a volunteer crew.  We can not do trade work such as plumbing, electrical work and furnace installation or work needing heavy equipment.

4. The homeowner must be willing to participate.  This can take place by working with the volunteers, recruiting friends  to help, or preparing lunch or a snack for the crew. We ask that  homeowners contribute towards the cost of materials according to a  sliding scale based on the homeowner’s income, expenses and circumstances. Again, please don’t hesitate to ask.

5. The household income must be at or below 180% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. See table below.
Exceptions can be made for homeowners if they demonstrate high monthly expenses such as medical or  mortgage costs.

Income Guidelines

 Household Size Monthly Annually
1 $1,967 23606
2 $2,658 $31894
3 $3349 $40182
4 $4039 $48470
5 $4,730 $56758
6 $5421 $65046
7 $6111 $73334
8 $6802 $81622

Projects don’t always satisfy all five criteria and may still be selected if a particular need is demonstrated.




Weatherization Project Criteria

  1. 45 minutes from COVER
  2. Home Owners or Tenants involved to the best of their abilities
  3. Windows and Doors that are drafty.
  4. Materials cost on a sliding scale dependent on ability to pay
  5. Need of assistance based on income or physical ability.
  6. Volunteer suitable

Please note: COVER is willing to work in some way with all home owners and renters (with permission from landlords). COVER uses a sliding scale based on income to determine product costs. COVER works with qualifying home owners and volunteers to supply the labor at no charge.