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Home Owner Comments

~COVER is my hope to be able to maintain my home in a safe manner so that I can live here as long as possible. AND the experience of community and obvious caring was unique. So glad you are here for all of us. It was a delightful day.

~I am thrilled to have my bulkhead repaired. I could not afford a carpenter. Your services are important and appreciated.

~It is rare these days, but every now and again you run across someone or something that puts a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. 

Without knowing it, you accomplished 2 missions; one of need; and one of the heart. 

You were all wonderful and we had a very productive and humorous day.  The volunteers kept us laughing but were eager to learn and very willing to work hard.  They gave more than just labor. And we both will be eternally grateful and will always remember that day.  We may not remember all the names but what they etched in our hearts will never be forgotten.

Thank you COVER:  your direction and expertise were unbelievable.  Your organization is such a blessing to those in need. And you made everything go so smoothly.  You’re unique people and very kind – caring-thoughtful-professional.  You combine all the goodness in people and make it part of your mission.


~I am so thankful to this program. Without them I would never have been able to get a roof done this year.

 ~For all the wonderful people that make our daily lives so much more pleasant. A great big thank you!!! Our ramp and porch are just wonderful and greatly enjoyed every day. Everyone that helped build our ramp and porch are to be commended for their dedication, their attention to detail and their good, happy spirit.

~Our building is safer and in better repair with the work that COVER did. In addition to repair, they did replacement bulbs. We now have working outdoor safety lighting and smoke alarms installed.

~It was a job well done! I really enjoyed working with John, Briana and the others. Moreover, I had fun cooking and baking for them all.

~The difference between a wet house inside rotting and being dry. This is a 200-year-old house, so we saved a historic building as well.

~A great sense of community, working together, sharing skills.

~It meant a lot. I do not have to jump out back door anymore, it is so  much easier to enter and exit. I am very happy with all of their work.  I recommend them to everyone that needs a hand.

 ~You and your program are remarkable in the things you do for the community. You are to be commended. Thank you so much and God bless your program.

~Cover home repair is amazing. The staff and volunteers were excellent. Now my family and I will not get wet from the roof leaking.  Cover home repair is an outstanding program. Every person that came to my home was very respectful, knowledgeable and I loved how they kept us notified of everything they were doing. This is the best organization in the state of Vermont. Thank you all for everything you did for me and my family!

~It meant being able to get out of my home safely in the winter months, without this project there were many days I couldn’t even open my door because of snow and ice build up. I now feel safer as the winter months approach. Thank you so much.

~We now have windows that we can open to get fresh air in our living room.

~I am extremely grateful for this because it means that I won’t be house bound.

~…I have been trying to get this roof fixed for three years and couldn’t get help for one reason or another. Then my neighbors found your organization. You were my last resort.  I knew my roof wouldn’t last much longer before part of it would fall in.  When that happened, I would be out of a home!

 ~I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me! Nor could I ever repay you. I’m just glad that God put people like your volunteers on this earth to help people like me!  Thank you again for your help!