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COVER's Mission: Our mission is to build community and foster hope through cooperation and fellowship among all home repair and reuse participants.

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Support COVER Financially

COVER relies on the generosity of the local community. Many of our neighbors live in homes that fail to provide adequate shelter. When relatives and friends are unable to help, families in need must turn to the larger community for support. Since 1998, COVER’s staff and volunteers in partnership with these neighbors have kept rain, snow and cold air from compromising homes or their family’s health, and have made homes safer and accessible for those with disabilities.
Half of the households on our wait list are families with children. The need is great and ongoing, but we believe in the ability of our community to address it. Your tax-deductible contribution means safer, warmer, more accessible homes for our neighbors whose resources are most scarce.

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COVER Home Repair, Inc.
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COVER also accepts appreciated stocks. Write to for details.

COVER’s Federal tax ID: 20-4597157 We operate on approximately $600,000 annually. Our funding sources come from the following sources:

ReCover Store – 30%
Foundation Grants – 25%
Individual & Corporate Support – 30%
Granite United Way & Civic Organizations – 10%
Rent, Special Events & Miscellaneous – 5%

Support COVER by donating materials and equipment! Visit our Acceptable Items for Donation page to see what we can use.

Here’s a very simple way to support COVER and the ReCover Store.

Go to , SELECT A CHARITY, enter COVER Home Repair, and 0.5% of every Amazon purchase will be donated to COVER. How simple is that? We firmly believe in shopping locally as well – another way to build community. Please support all of your local vendors whenever possible, including The ReCover Store!