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COVER's Mission: Our mission is to build community and foster hope through cooperation and fellowship among all home repair and reuse participants.

Volunteer Schedule

We welcome you to try it out for a day! No experience is necessary. You can volunteer for home repair, or in The ReCOVER Store. 

Home Repair and Weatherization

  • Each home repair workday is 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, weatherization workdays vary in length.
  • At each jobsite all tools, materials, safety gear, and lunch for the crew are provided. 
  • To volunteer on a COVER jobsite no prior experience with the work or tools is necessary.
  • You are welcome to sign up for one day at a time.
  • COVER’s home repair programs rely on Volunteers in order to complete our scheduled projects that have met our project criteria and have been through a COVER site visit.  We typically engage over 300 volunteers/year.  When volunteering on home repair and weatherization projects we offer you an opportunity to learn from skilled Work Leaders or to share the skills you already have and engage in meaningful work that will make a difference in someone’s everyday life.
  • If you are a skilled trades person and would like to offer your volunteer time specifically with those skills (electrician, plumber, skilled carpenter), please let us know.



  • When you volunteer in the store you help all of our programs as the store provides funding for our Home Repair and Weatherization programs.
  • Store volunteering can be any time that we are open; Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.
  • You can volunteer a whole day or just a few hours. You can find a time that works for you and become a regular!
  • We need volunteers Fridays to ride with a store staff member around the Upper Valley and pick up donated items. (10-4). Need to be able to lift 40 pounds and go up and down stairs.
  • We need volunteers every day we are open to help with customer service, cleaning, painting and organizing merchandise that has been donated.

VOLUNTEER Schedule 2017

Please contact me if you want to volunteer but do not see an opening that works for you.
I will work with you to find something. We need you!

Fridays: Help ReCOVER Store staff with donation pick ups around the Upper Valley, 10 am – 5 pm. Need to be willing to lift 40 pounds. 1 volunteer needed each Friday. Call or write to see if the Friday you want to help is available. 802-296-7241 x 106.
Friday, February 17
Weatherization in Canaan, NH, 9-4
FILLED by community members

Saturday, February 18
Weatherization in Hartford, Vermont, 9-4
FILLED by Dartmouth Habitat/COVER volunteer group
Saturday, February 18
Weatherization in Thetford, Vermont, 9-4
FILLED by Dartmouth Zeta Psi volunteer group
Thursday, February 23
Weatherization in Enfield, NH, 9-1
FILLED by community member
Thursday, February 23, 9-2
Floor repair in WRJ, VT
FILLED by community members

Friday, February 24 
Weatherization in Lyme, NH, 9-4
2 volunteers needed
Saturday, February 25
Weatherization in Springfield, VT, 9-4
FILLED by community members
Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25
Floor repair in Sharon, VT, 9-4
FILLED by community members
Friday, March 3, 10-2
Weatherization in Claremont, NH
2 volunteers needed
Friday, March 3, 9-4
Door hanging and floor work in Charlestown, NH

Spring home repair projects will appear here as winter winds down. Feel free to write and ask for a spot to be held for you on a certain date and we will see what we can do to make that happen.




Mary Sutton-Smith, Volunteer Coordinator
(802) 296-7241 ext.104


Imagine that in order to make your house warm, safe and dry you accepted a group of strangers from different walks of life into your home. We reflect on what that might feel like, and how we’d wish those strangers would act in our homes. We keep that in mind as we spend time in homeowners’ spaces.

We build community by approaching each other with respect and empathy.  We appreciate your help and we hope you are excited to get to know your neighbors. It may have taken a lot of courage to step forward and ask for help. We thank the homeowners for inviting us into their homes.