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Weatherization Program

Guernsey G 014COVER’s Weatherization Program is dedicated to helping home owners spend less money on heating their homes by making them more airtight.

COVER’s is willing to work in some way with all home owners and renters (with permission from landlords).

COVER uses a sliding scale based on income to determine product costs. COVER works with qualifying home owners and volunteers to supply the labor at no charge.

To apply for weatherization or to find out how you can get materials, contact:
Gail Guernsey, COVER Homeowner Coordinator, (802) 296-7241 ext. 105. or go to Apply for Service

The 2013-2014 Weatherization Season was very successful, having jumped off to a great start and continued strong throughout the winter. (And what a winter it was!) We exceeded our goal of 80 weatherization projects. COVER staff, volunteers, and home owners were able to weatherize 65 new homes and return to 25 homes that needed help reinstalling the plastic window kits. That means we air sealed 842 windows, 95 doors (including insulating a rim joist), enclosed porches with plastic, installed dryer vents, and filled many air holes with expanding foam. On the side, we attached grab bars in tubs. That’s not to mention the many hours of good conversation and many cookies eaten!

COVER completed ten blower door tests this season. A blower door test measures the draftiness of a home. By taking a “before and after” test we were able to measure how much difference our weatherization made. The average decrease in draftiness per home was 750 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). Don’t get nervous – the math is easy. For each 100 CFM decrease there is a 13 gallon a year savings. That means the average savings per home was about 97.5 gallons. If fuel oil costs $3.80 a gallon that is an annual savings of $370 per home. For the 65 new homes we weatherized there was total savings of 6045 gallons or $22,971. For those who are concerned about climate change, the reduction in CO2 is 61.8 metric tons. Weatherization materials are available for purchase in the ReCover Store during regular store hours.

A typical COVER weatherization includes:

  • Clear, heavy duty, reusable indoor window plastic
    Price range is $0.00 -$6.00 per window
  • Door weather stripping and sweeps
    Price range is $0.00 to $15.00 per door
  • Outlet and switch gaskets
    Price range is $0.00 to $0.10 a piece
  • Butterfly valves on dryers
    Price range is $0.00 to $14.00
  • Sealing of duct work on forced hot air systems
    Price range is $0.00 to X.XX (dependent on job)

**In extreme cases we will replace doors and windows.Hunt M 003

Calling all volunteers!

If you would like to help us weatherize homes this winter, we would love to hear from you.

Most homes take 3-4 hours to weatherize, and Volunteers have the option of volunteering to weatherize 1-2 homes per workday or work half a day to weatherize one home.

To volunteer contact:
Mary Sutton-Smith,  COVER Volunteer Coordinator
(802) 296-7241 ext. 104
Go to   VOLUNTEER to see the volunteer schedule.

Gail Guernsey

Gail Guernsey, Homeowner Coordinator (802) 296-7241 ext.105

Diane Reinhardt

Diane Reinhardt, Weatherization Director
(802) 296-7241 ext.111