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Weatherization Program

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Save on your utility bills with the COVER Weatherization Program!
If you’re running your furnace all the time and still bundling up indoors, let us help your home work for you instead of against you.
COVER staff and volunteers provide the labor for the weatherization projects, and we encourage homeowner participation. We use a sliding scale to price the products we use for qualifying families.
Apply for assistance by calling (802) 296-7241 ext. 4 or CLICK HERE TO APPLY
If you don’t qualify for assistance, weatherization materials are still available for sale at The Cover Store for discounted prices.
Calling all volunteers! If you would like to help us weatherize homes this winter, we would love to hear from you. Volunteer for one day from 9 am – 4 pm. No experience necessary.
See the volunteer schedule here:  VOLUNTEER .


We aim for energy efficiency in your home by providing the following solutions:
We find and seal air leaks in your home with caulking and spray foam.
Blower door and infrared heat camera
In order to tell us where the hidden leaks are, we can set up a fan in your doorway to slightly depressurize your home. This pulls air from outside through the leaks, making them more obvious, and can show us the cold spots behind walls and under floors. We can find a lot of leaks that you may not have known about!
Window kits
Our heavy-duty clear window film helps block drafts and can be reused year after year.
Door seals
We can install weatherstripping, gaskets, and sweeps to reduce air leaks.
Water and heating system insulation
With water heater blankets, pipe insulation, and duct insulation, your heat won’t be lost before it gets to you.
Furnace cleaning (limited program)
Our professional furnace cleaner can update the safety and efficiency of your furnace that hasn’t been cleaned in four years.
Energy efficient LED light bulbs
These bulbs last much longer than a standard incandescent bulb and can save you dollars on your very next electric bill.
Smoke detectors
Your safety is our utmost concern!