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COVER's Mission: Our mission is to build community and foster hope through cooperation and fellowship among all home repair and reuse participants.

Weatherization Program

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COVER’s Weatherization Program is dedicated to helping home owners spend less money on heating their homes by making them more airtight.
COVER’s is willing to work in some way with all home owners and renters (with permission from landlords). COVER uses a sliding scale based on income to determine product costs. COVER works with qualifying home owners and volunteers to supply the labor at no charge.
To apply for weatherization or to find out how you can get materials, contact: Gail Guernsey, COVER Homeowner Coordinator, (802) 296-7241 ext. 105. or go to Apply for Service
The 2015-2016 Weatherization Season is in full swing and we’re still accepting applications as of December. So far the winter hasn’t been as rough as last year, and fuel prices are down, but we don’t know what’s coming in the next few months. So buttoning up your windows, doors and drafty leaks is still a good idea for your own comfort and to save $$ on fuel. We do have window and door kits for sale in the ReCOVER Store if you want to dive in on your own!
Since October, COVER staff, volunteers, and home owners have weatherized 30 new homes and returned to 10 homes to help reinstall plastic window kits and make sure everything is tight against the cold. So far we’ve air sealed over 200 new windows and 40 doors, enclosed a porch with plastic, sealed lots of heating ducts in mobile homes, filled many air holes with expanding foam and blocked off basement and attic air leaks with rigid foam. On the side, we’re attaching grab bars to help older community members stay in their homes safely. That’s not to mention the many hours of good conversation and connection between community members, and incredible lunches eaten together!
COVER is doing blower door tests again this season. A blower door test measures the draftiness of a home. By taking a “before and after” test we can measure how much difference our weatherization makes. The math is pretty easy: For each 100 CFM decrease there is a 13 gallon a year savings. So at a recent weatherization job at a big, old, drafty house, the decrease was 1600 CFM, which means that homeowner will save 208 gallons of fuel oil this season. Oil’s only about $2/gallon right now, but that homeowner could see a savings of $400. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and it means a reduction in CO2 as well.
Please join us this season to volunteer and/or to have us come weatherize your home. Stay cozy!

Calling all volunteers!

If you would like to help us weatherize homes this winter, we would love to hear from you.

Most homes take 3-4 hours to weatherize, and Volunteers have the option of volunteering to weatherize 1-2 homes per workday or work half a day to weatherize one home.

To volunteer contact:
Mary Sutton-Smith,  COVER Volunteer Coordinator
(802) 296-7241 ext. 104
Go to   VOLUNTEER to see the volunteer schedule.