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~I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am for all the work that COVER volunteers did to help me with its weatherization program.  I recently received my electric bill which showed that my electric usage was down 36% from last year at the same time.  Thank you to the wonderful men and woman who volunteered their time.

~My home has been much warmer since my windows were covered and the bay window roof repaired. The kindness and generosity of COVER and its people are testimony to what is good in the world!

We are very grateful for the assistance given this past winter by COVER Repair John and volunteers.  Was amazed with how we didn’t have to turn the heater up as high as we had to before weatherization!  We are again very thankful for COVER Repair assistance! This organization is one we support with the one way we can, and that is by helping other families in need.  It is a pleasure to help, by volunteering, other families.  And I am very thankful for those who are able to donate in any way they can.